Thursday, November 6, 2008

160J powered by SR20DE

SR seem very popular in Malaysia to get better heart for Datsun. This time I brought you guys a Datsun 160J SSS, 1980 last model. And it using a SR powerplant too but doesn't has the T behind the SR20DE engine code. Haha. Is a N/A version. And there is a lot good stuff invest into it and the car. Now it is to be let go. It quite suit to a beginner drifter. Detail and pics as below

-SR20DE S13 modded.
-TOMEi 256 highcam (Brand New).
-BOSCH fuel pump.
-BOSCH fuel caste tank.
-Japan modded E.C.U.
-BLITZ air fillter.
-ULTRA cable plug.
-APEXi iridium spark plug.
-TRUST oil pent safety cover.
-2.2 inch new exzos piping.
-APEXi exzos.
-OMORI meter.
-TANABE sustect pro adjustable S13.
-TEIN Piller Ball.
-Costum Interior
-Costum safety engine start system.
-Costum P.U front Lips (Never break!!)
-Costum paint rocker cover.
-NISMO Gear Knob.
-NISMO Ignition Key.
-NARDI Steering.
-WORK RACING white rims 2pcs 14inch Front, 2pcs 15inch Back.
-S13 seats.
-After market NISSAN oil cap.
-Crystal glass head lights.
-Power steering.
-Bodywork (DONE)
-Japanese Old Skool Low rider style..
and many more.......

Total Cost- RM14xxx