Monday, May 28, 2007

CA18DET Powered B310 120Y

Today here we come a B310 which powered by a CA18DET from Nissan 180SX. This is the 1st B310 which nicely done its engine conversion from original A12 to CA18DET i ever seen. It is so beautiful. Look at its engine bay
And its interior,

More info later........

Thursday, May 24, 2007

RB Powered 280ZX

Here come our 1st feature car. It's a 1980 Fairlady 280zx. This is one of most beatiful 280ZX i ever seen. This baby has dropped it's original 2.8L L28 engine to receive a RB25DET powerplant which came from a Nissan Skyline.
Owner : Moonbiker

Modification Spec:
Engine : RB25DET
Brake : 2 pot Nissan Skyline caliper
Interior :Nardi Steering
Exterior : Carbon F1 Side Mirror
: Stich Rim (japan)
ICE : Dynaguest 12" Subwoofer
JVC MP3 Player