Sunday, March 6, 2011

Rotary in B310!!!

Been so long never visit the forum that I used to be back few years, Datto. Today I found back the link to it and found something that really surprised me. One of the member, area_a15 had done a great project. He had put a 13B rotary engine into his B310. The car seem successfully and very nicely done.

I don't have much more detail about it, so just copy his photo that publish on the forum. Check it out!!


Saturday, March 5, 2011

U910 Coupe RB Powered

One of the nice rebuild project from member's Brenco. Same with the S30 story, the owner had turn a roadside junk into street wild machine. U910 Bluebird Coupe is kind of rare Datsun in Malaysia, this is the first that I have met (in internet only).

This U910 originally come with Z20 twin spark heart. In this project, the owner had chosen the better and stronger heart, one of the famous machine from Nissan, RB machine. Other than this, it has been sent for stronger chassis and body, as well as the new and nice paint.

Here are some photo adopted from the and click HERE for the full project progress!!!