Thursday, October 20, 2011

Project Z from Zerotohundred

Zerotohundred or a.k.a ZTH is one of the Malaysia most reputable motorsport online forum which I'm regularly visiting. There are lot of monster projects being carry out by it's members, and I've found a feature project of ZTH by it's member Kevin Lee (FB) called Project Z. This project is to rebuild a Fairlady 200ZG Z31, and most exciting part is they going to use the legendary RB26DETT as it's heart. Whole process of rebuild this  Z has been taken by Kevin and posted on his FB albums, so you guys can visit here for full photo coverage and  here for detail coverage of Week 22 of the project. 

This project isn't complete and looking for sponsor, below are message which published on ZTH

Fellow readers, I am glad that you have followed me this far up to the 21st week in the Project Z restoration, modification and build. As certain readers have pointed out that they are gladly to donate the money to make this project a reality, I have seek permission from Tom and he has approved a donation box through either Paypal or Maybank.

The donations can be in minimum denominations of RM50 and we will acknowledge your name (either in your forum username or full name). We will continuously update the donors list week by week, whenever there is one. Please email me at if you have made your donations.

You can donate by either methods : Paypal or Maybank2U

The paypal account address is


Here's the details of the bank in account

Lee Han Foong

As I am only using my CIMB account to receive money from my employer, my Maybank account has been pretty much dormant. It currently holds about RM104.18 in funds in the account. So any donations would be noted down in my mini statement.

Please do your part in helping us realise our dreams. I hope the Nissan Fairlady 200ZG Z31 will complete hopefully by end of the year, so we can participate this car in the upcoming races. We also look forward to participate in the MSS Classic car challenge, which allows cars 25 years or older to participate. This car will turn exactly 25 years next year, so it would be a great way to celebrate its birthday.

The money donated would be used to purchase neccesary items to complete the build. At the moment, we look into finding a Nissan RB26DETT engine that costs RM2,800. This engine is incomplete and needs a flywheel, coil and an ECU. The wiring harness is present. The turbines are gone though. So if you think you donate either in cash money or parts donation, we will be very willing to take it. I intend to label every part you donate with LabelMe stickers so that every part donated will be credited. Thank you for your support.