Thursday, May 24, 2007

RB Powered 280ZX

Here come our 1st feature car. It's a 1980 Fairlady 280zx. This is one of most beatiful 280ZX i ever seen. This baby has dropped it's original 2.8L L28 engine to receive a RB25DET powerplant which came from a Nissan Skyline.
Owner : Moonbiker

Modification Spec:
Engine : RB25DET
Brake : 2 pot Nissan Skyline caliper
Interior :Nardi Steering
Exterior : Carbon F1 Side Mirror
: Stich Rim (japan)
ICE : Dynaguest 12" Subwoofer
JVC MP3 Player


  1. hello kawan,
    let get together to form a group for 280zx. i got one myself

  2. thanks for showing off the motor moron

  3. Hi, I have a 280zx which I need to restore . The engine is still the original engine and the interior as well. However it has not been running for many years . The wiring is all worn away . Need some advice , thanks

    1. Hey I don't know if you're still on blogger, but may I ask about the condition of that car?