Monday, May 28, 2007

CA18DET Powered B310 120Y

Today here we come a B310 which powered by a CA18DET from Nissan 180SX. This is the 1st B310 which nicely done its engine conversion from original A12 to CA18DET i ever seen. It is so beautiful. Look at its engine bay
And its interior,

More info later........


  1. bro... nak tanye sikit, CA18DET where you bought tat engine from n how much it cost? can i join u guys datsun group.. i planning to bought datsun 120y and wanna fix tat engine? any advice, or any problem wil occur if i fix tat engine? and one more thing, where u guys usual modified or upgrade ur guys cars? i really need a machine who really know how to appreciate a old cars, especially datsun. thanks for the info, its really cool video

  2. bro, u tukar dashboard apa?